A New Quiz to Find Out How Much People Know About Safe Stopping

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The main reason for conducting this quiz is to help the drivers understand the basic principle of the science behind the braking system. The drivers may have read the theory in the textbooks about how the bakes of a car works. There are many kinds of braking system available in cars these days. Every system has its pros and cons.

How the Braking System Works?

Every modern car has brakes in all of four wheels. They may be drum or disc type. Front brakes play a very important role in stopping a car. Because, when the driver applies brakes, the weight of the whole car forward on the front wheels. That is why; in many cars disc type are used in front wheels and drum type in the rear. It has been found that disk performs efficiently in the front wheels. All of these brakes are operated via a hydraulic system.

You can get information about the different braking system and how to calculate the stopping distance on the internet before taking the quiz.  There is a new braking system in the modern cars known as “Anti-lock braking system”. This braking system is basically an anti-skid braking system. When you eventually apply the brakes, the wheels lock and hence the vehicle start to skid on the road surface. That is why; this system is used as an anti-skid braking system.

The common question asked in this quiz are as follows:

Q No 1 -Which of these will NOT affect your overall stopping distance?

The choices are as follows:

  • Wet or icy Weather
  • If you are wearing a seatbelt
  • The speed you are driving at
  • Whether you are driving on a level road or going downhill

Q No 2 – How do wet conditions affect your overall stopping distance?

  • Wet conditions can double your overall stopping
  • Wet conditions can triple your overall stopping distance
  • Wet conditions do not have any effect on your overall stopping distance
  • Wet conditions can reduce your overall stopping distance

There is a series of questions that will help you refresh your memory. The main thing to understand is the stopping distance in different conditions. Moreover, if you are studying the theory, it will help you calculate the stopping distance before impact.

Another reason to Consider

Most of the people have insurance for their car. The insurance company put a black box in the car to monitor how sharply you slow down and brake on the road. Moreover, they calculate your driving score and then decide how much you will pay for your car insurance.

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