Tips for Using Your Smartphone Smartly!


Every person has a smartphone these days especially among 18 to 29 years old according to research. In modern countries like America and Canada, this percentage is more than 90%. Even some children have some kind of mobile phone in their pocket. That is why; it is important for these users to follow some safety tips to keep it safe. Otherwise, you will need to find a mobile phone repair company to repair your phone which can cost you money and time. These tips are as follows:

Sharing with Caring

When you are posting something from your phone, you need to be careful as your post can be copied. The man who copied it can use it anywhere else on the internet. Moreover, your video, photo, text or whatever you have posted cannot be taken back. So, be cautious when your reputation is at stake.

Personal Usage

A phone is a personal thing that you do not want other people to use. If you let anyone access to your mobile phone, it means you have given access to your social media and other such accounts. You are giving them the power to manipulate your relationships and reputation. That is why; using a strong password is strongly recommended for all of your apps.

Keep It Kind

People usually use their phone to socialize as they do on their computers. Cyberbullying can also be done on smartphones. That is why; it is important to treat every person gently as you do on the web or in person. There are chances that you can be bullied through your smartphone. You also need not be tagged in other people pictures on social networking websites.


Kids in this century are very smart, they do not keep their nude photos in their cellphone. People who have nude child photos can be charged with distribution, production, and possession of child pornography. It is a very serious crime and the court takes it very seriously. Moreover, these kinds of photos can be used for blackmailing, expulsion from school, bullying, subject to jokes, loss of a job, etc.


Every person should respect and appreciate the gathering but staying present at parties, in the car, etc. texting while you are in a gathering is very disrespectful for the people and not polite.

App Permissions

When you install an application on your phone, it needs certain permissions to work. If an app is asking permission not relevant to is functions then you should review it. If you are still in doubt then delete the application or revoke the permission.

Moderate Use of Mobile Phone

Some people always use their phone while in school, eating dinner which is not good. As it can affect your concentration, sleep and other things. You are diverting your focus on things that are not very important. If you are going to sleep or in the company of friends, you need to turn off the phone as it can affect your concentration sleep.

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